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Appearances: America’s Newsroom and Maria’s Wall Street– Biden’s Budget Plan

On Friday, Andy joined both Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino in-studio on “America’s Newsroom” and Maria Bartiromo on her “Wall Street” show to speak about Biden’s new spending plan and the February jobs report. In both interviews, Andy discusses how Biden’s new budget plan “is not a governing document, it’s a political document” that aims toward a 2024 re-election campaign and caters to far-left priorities. On the jobs report, Andy pointed out that a lot of people are trying to get back into the labor market as savings rates drop below historic levels, but credit card debt is skyrocketing– and therefore people are having to get back to work. However, on the economy overall, Andy noted that it is important to point out that Biden and the Fed are at odds given Biden’s government spending is infusing money into the economy at the same time the Fed is doing everything they can to slow the economy. Essentially, the more the Fed raises interest rates, the more pain American’s stuffer, but the more money the government infuses into the economy, they more the Fed must interest rates and therefore, the administration and the Fed are working at cross purposes. Who is getting stuck in the middle of that? Working class Americans.

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Click here if the above video does not load:

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